Nate Robinson Jumps Through Glass Door, Finally Finds Amusing Use for Vine (Video)


Nate Robinson has some hops. When you’re 5-foot-9 and can still dunk, suffice it to say you’ve got some pretty good vertical lift on your jump.

So perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that Robinson apparently likes jumping every chance he gets — even when he’s not on the court. Robinson showed off another use for his jump when he posted a video to Vine on Monday that included some low-budget special effects.

So far, the best use someone has found for Vine has been Lolo Jones, who used a six-second video to trash the small paycheck she received for her bobsledding efforts. However, that got Jones in some trouble, so we turn to Robinson for the best example of how to use Vine. Really, it’s the simplicity of Robinson’s video that makes it so great.

Check out Robinson’s magical jump through the looking glass in the Vine video below.

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