Nik Wallenda Crosses Grand Canyon on 2-Inch Wide ‘Skywire’ (GIF)


Nik Wallenda has made history, becoming the first person to cross the Grand Canyon on a high wire.

Wallenda was suspended 1,500 feet above the canyon for his tight rope act Sunday night, which took him 22 minutes, 54 seconds to complete and was shown live on The Discovery Channel. The daredevil battled the elements during his trek and even had to take a seat on the wire 13 minutes in in order to steady it from all of the wind.

Wallenda crossed 1,400 feet to the other side while walking on a 2-inch thick steel cable, without wearing a tether or safety harness and without a safety net to catch him.

Check out Wallenda’s breathtaking feat in the GIF below.

Nik Wallenda

GIF via Twitter/@guyism

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