Police Dressed in Scuba Gear, Using Metal Detector to Search Water Near Aaron Hernandez’s House (Photo)

Police spent a few hours searching Aaron Hernandez‘s house on Saturday. Now, they’re turning their attention to a small body of water very close by.

Officers have suited up into some scuba diving gear and are perusing what looks like a creek near Hernandez’s North Attleboro home, according to Kathryn Sotnik of NECN.

Hernandez has been at the center of a homicide investigation during the past week, with police questioning the Patriots tight end and searching his home and premises on multiple occasions. Police emerged from Hernandez’s home on Saturday afternoon after yet another search with a number of brown paper bags with unknown evidence inside.

Police are likely scouring the waters near Hernandez’s home in search of the missing murder weapon that was used in the death of Odin Lloyd. They even broke out a metal detector to help search the area.

There is still no news on a potential arrest warrant, but Hernandez has still not been ruled out as a suspect.

Check out a picture of the cops searching the water in the tweet below.

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