Rajon Rondo Says Courtney Lee’s Doc Rivers Impression Is Best on Celtics (Video)


June 10, 2013

Rajon Rondo has played for Doc Rivers for seven years, so the 27-year-old point guard knows his coach fairly well. He also knows when someone’s impression of his coach is spot-on and when it needs work.

Rondo has had a few teammates over the years who do an admirable impression of Rivers, but Rondo thinks Courtney Lee‘s is the best of all the current Celtics. In a wide-ranging conversation over his favorite game, Connect Four, Rondo told Sal Masekela that Lee’s impression is the most complete. Lee even has Rivers’ mannerisms down, according to Rondo.

“He’s got the walk down, his voice,” Rondo said. “[Doc] always tells me, ‘Never get old,’ and he’s got a lot of experience.”

Rondo and the players may have found it funny, but Lee’s playing time fell from almost 25 minutes per game in the regular season to less than 10 minutes per game in the playoffs. It’s possible Rivers was not quite as amused by Lee’s impersonation as his players were.

Check out more of Rondo’s conversation in the video below.

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