Streaker Tackled by Mascot in Chicken Suit Wearing James Harden Jersey at Rugby Match (Video)

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Sometimes real life really is just that bizarre.

The Otago Highlanders squad that competes in New Zealand’s Super Rugby has a man in a chicken suit as one of its two mascots. The character is actually not all that different than the infamous San Diego Chicken. Recently, Andrew James the Chicken got to show that Highlanders players aren’t the only ones with some tackling skills.

During the Highlanders’ Saturday match against the Blues of Auckland, a streaker invaded the field but was quickly tackled by A.J., according to 3 News. It seems this chicken also wasn’t afraid to crow about his accomplishments. (Avian puns? You bet.)

“Being a chicken mascot, I’ve got a lot of pride,” James said. “It was for the team, the supporters and the stadium.

“I call it the smother hen. Just wrap them up and pin them to the ground. Next game I’ll be on the team sheet, maybe be in the starting lineup.”

Perhaps the most bizarre part of the bizarre moment? For some unknown reason, James was wearing a James Harden Rockets jersey when he made the tackle.

Either way, “smother hen” is an instant classic. Check out the video of James’ tackle below.

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