terrell owensIn recent years, pro football has not exactly worked out for Terrell Owens. Reality television wasn’t kind, either, to T.O., whose self-titled show lasted just three seasons.

The wide receiver is still trying to catch on with an NFL team, but in the meantime, he’s been bowling. And apparently, he’s actually pretty good at it.

Owens is the celebrity owner of the Dallas Strikers of the Professional Bowling Association, and T.O. claims to have once bowled a 288 (out of 300) in one round. If a return to the gridiron isn’t in the cards, the six-time Pro Bowler said he could certainly see himself going pro in another arena.

“Hopefully, one day if I get good enough I can be out here competing [on the PBA Tour],” Owens told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “The more I get involved and the more competitive I get with the sport, I can envision myself out there competing against these guys.”

The Strikers, led by bowling legend Norm Duke, owned the No. 1 seed heading the PBA League tournament but were eliminated by Jerome Bettis‘ Motown Muscle.

Owens is clearly dedicated to his new athletic venture, but does he have the commitment to make it at the professional level? Duke, bowler of 58 recorded perfect games, isn’t convinced.

“[Owens] is a pretty good bowler,” Duke said. “Now, to be pro, I would say no. It would take a tremendous amount of commitment. There are a lot of people that bowl pretty good who think they can be pros because they average 210 on a house condition.”

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