Aaron Hernandez Tattoos Offered for Free in Bizarre Craigslist Ad (Photo)


There are run-of-the-mill-bizarre Craiglist ads, then there are dregs-of-society-bizarre Craiglist ads. This is clearly the latter.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, one of the oddest storylines was the outpouring of support for alleged domestic terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — largely among admiring teenage girls. In the wake of Aaron Hernandez‘s arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd, much the same scenario has played out. Like Tsarnaev, Herandez has some vocal admirers out there.

However, one Hernandez fan apparently wants to make sure that people’s loyalty to the former Patriots tight end is a little more permanent than Twitter.

In a very bizarre Craigslist ad, a “Comic villain drawer looking to hone [his] tattoo skills” is offering free Aaron Hernandez tattoos to interested parties. In the ad (which can be found here, as long as it’s online), the man, who identifies himself as top-of-his-class “UEVD grad” wants to show Hernandez some love and support Patriots Nation.

“You pick the picture of Hernandez and I tattoo it for free,” reads the ad. “… And if you’re really feeling my man, I will tattoo a replica Hernandez jersey onto your back.”

Now, there are any number of things to pick apart here. The first of which is, obviously, why anyone would let a random guy on Craigslist give them a tattoo. However, it’s also completely unclear what the poster means by “UEVD grad,” as a simple Google search doesn’t turn up a graphic arts school with that acronym — or any school at all.

So, there you go. We’d recommend against taking this man up on his offer, but you can check out a screenshot of the ad below.

Hernandez tattoo

Screenshot from Boston.Craigslist.org

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