Aaron Rodgers Gives TMZ Cameraman Career Advice, Says He’ll Get a ‘Real Job’ Someday


TMZ camera people and paparazzi in general are the worst. They’re overbearing, annoying and relentless. They don’t stop until they get their shot, and even then, they’ve been known to press the famous subject at hand to say something, anything.

Sometimes, the celebrity takes the bait. The result, at least the paparazzi hopes, is that the celebrity will snap (what’s up, Lamar Odom?), and the video will instantly go viral. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was recently badgered by a TMZ cameraman to the point where the former NFL MVP had to give in eventually.

Rodgers remarkably kept his cool after being pressed about Colin Kaepernick‘s Miami Dolphins hat. He calmly ignored the question and kept walking. Later on, Rodgers was asked about the Aaron Hernandez case. The pestering was apparently too much for Rodgers to take, which is when he finally gave in. The result? A pretty hilarious response, which ironically, gave TMZ just what they wanted — a great video.

See Rodgers’ interaction below (via ProFootballTalk.com and NBC 26 in Wisconsin).

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