Anna BensonIn the age of social media, it’s amazing that a story of this magnitude could slip through the cracks for 17 years.

Anna Benson was once charged in the murder of Michael Evans in 1996, according to New York Daily News. The case was even featured on America’s Most Wanted while Benson, then known as Anna Warren, and the other suspect, her boyfriend at the time, Paul Dejongh, were on the lamb.

Evans had said something to Benson that she didn’t like, so she told Dejongh to “get rid of” him, according to New York Daily News. Dejongh shot Evans multiple times, killing him in the couple’s apartment in Knoxville, Tenn.

The couple then fled the scene in a stolen car. Benson was found five months later in Portland, Ore., with purple hair and a tongue piercing. Benson was originally charged with murder before it was dropped to an accessory charge. That charge was dismissed in 1998, the same year she met her future husband, Kris Benson, at an Atlanta strip club she was working at.

Dejongh was found guilty of second-degree murder. He died in prison.

Benson went on to pose for multiple magazines, was named “baseball’s hottest wife” by FHM magazine and starred in the VH1 reality series Baseball Wives.

She was arrested on Monday after storming into her husband’s apartment with a gun and a metal baton while wearing a bulletproof vest. Kris filed for divorce from Anna in 2012.

Watch the episode of America’s Most Wanted, which Deadspin surfaced, in the video below.

Photo via Facebook/Baseball Wives