Batter’s Box at AT&T Park Painted Very Crooked, Was Nowhere Near Square for Giants-Reds Game (Photo)


Can someone get over to AT&T Park and give the grounds crew a hand with right angles?

The line-painters at the San Francisco Giants’ home park had some egg on their face Wednesday night after messing up what would seem to be the rudimentary affair of painting the lines on the baseball diamond. The batter’s box at AT&T Park was noticeably skewed, with the right-hand side of the box jutting in at quite the angle.

While it was a strange enough mishap on its face, the lines not being straight could have also caused some competitive disadvantages — right-handed batters may have had to alter their stances to, you know, stay inside the batter’s box.

Surely, there’s a drawerful of old protractors somewhere that a high school geometry class can lend the Giants.

Check it out in the photo below.

Batter's Box

Photo via Twitter/@Joey_Beeler

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