Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out During Canadian Indoor Lacrosse Game (Video)


How much longer until hockey season starts?

The Oakville Rock and Brooklin Redmen of Major Series Lacrosse gave fans a little preview on Wednesday, dropping the gloves in a full-team brawl that included everything short of an ice surface.

Tempers boiled over midway through an indoor (or “box”) lacrosse games between the two Ontario-based squads, when each of the 10 players on the floor squared off and started throwing haymakers. No. 25 on Oakville (whom the broadcasters referred to as “the unnamed player”) then took the melee to the next level, pulling a Shawn Thornton and attempting to fight the entire Redmen bench.

It’s difficult to determine which team came out on top — all of the players looked pretty gassed by the end — but check out the video below to decide for yourself.

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