Bill BucknerRed Sox fans hoping to egg Bill Buckner‘s house now have a street address and an asking price. (But really, how far into a Bill Buckner post did you think we were going to get before bringing it up?)

The former Red Sox first baseman, who has long been known for his error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series — a play that prolonged Boston fans’ misery in the worst of ways — ended up settling in Idaho after retiring from Major League Baseball in 1990. He’s now selling his four-acre ranch, built in 1999.

It’s not a bad spread — with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and 6,625 square feet to work with, there’s plenty of room to (insert bad baseball error puns here).

Buckner also played for the Dodgers, Cubs, Angels and Royals in his career, and he’s now the hitting coaching for the Chicago Cubs’ Triple-A Boise Hawks.

See where Buckner kicked up his feet for most of the last decade.

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