Bill Simmons Tweets That Wimbledon Is on NBC, When It’s Actually Airing on ESPN


Let’s start with the most pertinent piece of information: Bill Simmons is employed by ESPN.

On Tuesday, the Wimbledon women’s semifinals were set — with names that most casual sports fans have never heard of. Well, Simmons would like you to know that he’s not tennis-ignorant and advises that you watch the rest of the matches on TV.

However, it’s a matter of what television network Simmons is directing his Twitter followers toward that’s in question here.

Simmons tweeted out “Radwanska! Bartoli!!!!! It’s the Wimbledon Women’s Finals on NBC!” on Tuesday. The problem? The semifinals — as with the entire tournament — is carried on the ESPN family of networks. Again, Simmons works for ESPN.

The best part of what otherwise be an honest mistake? NBC caught the error and manually retweeted it for all to see, should Simmons realize his error and delete the tweet.

To Simmons’ credit, though he did end up deleting the initial tweet, he also retweeted NBC, along with an obligatory “Whoops!” Check out the tweets below.

[tweet align=’center’]

[tweet align=’center’]

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