Brewers Bench Coach’s Three-Year-Old Grandson Throws Ceremonial First Pitch From Pitcher’s Mound (Video)


Carly Rae Jepsen may want to take some notes.

Ceremonial first pitches are thrown by adults before every major league game, and a good number of those adults opt to toss the ball from somewhere in between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. But Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron‘s three-year-old grandson decided he wanted to throw his first pitch exactly the way the pros throw it — from 60.5 feet away atop the 10-inch incline.

The youngster was called upon to throw out the first pitch before Sunday’s Brewers-Marlins game and, naturally, his mother directed him to a spot in the grass close to home plate. It’s clear that he did not intend to pitch from the “easy zone,” as he promptly wriggled out of his mother’s clutches and made a beeline to the top of the mound, where he proceeded to make his toss amid cheers from the crowd.

Check out the year’s cutest ceremonial first pitch in the video below.

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