This is clearly one of the strangest NBA-licensed video clips you’re soon to see.

Flula Borg is a German techno DJ who’s currently based in Los Angeles and has actually been involved with Current TV and appeared in commercials (fittingly enough, as a DJ) for AT&T. However, we have no idea what the connection is between Borg and the Dallas Mavericks or Dirk Nowitzki — besides their country of origin.

The video below features the Dallas Mavericks Dancers and Nowitzki, and it appears to be based on a loop created by Borg. However, Nowitzki decides to sing on the track, belting out a fairly awful rendition of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” as part of a sample. It’s also probably worth a mention that this isn’t the first time Nowitzki has unleashed his unique vocal stylings, having been previously caught singing (also terribly) Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born in the USA.”

Again, it’s completely unclear how all these parts fit together, but you can check out the whole bizarre scene in the video below.