Don Orsillo is no stranger to the acting world. The NESN Red Sox play-by-play has a couple of movie credits to his name, including an on-screen role in the movie Fever Pitch.

While he might have quite a bit of experience, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t slip into some bad acting habits from time to time. Luckily for him, though, he’s got his partner in crime Jerry Remy there to keep him in line. While shooting a recent commercial for the NESN West Coast Road Trip, the duo leaned on each other, with the RemDawg dishing out some important advice.

The West Coast Road Trip promotion will send two separate winners and a guest on a three-day, two-night experience with Don, Jerry and Jenny Dell the week of August 19. One winner will go to Los Angeles and another to San Francisco. Look for outtakes and cutting room floor material via their Twitter accounts (@DonOrsillo and @Jerry_Remy).

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See the entire commercial here, and check out some of the outtakes below.