Something tells us John Wall never won the geography bee at any of the three high schools he attended.

Wall and Dwight Howard joined former NBA player Yi Jialian to prepare for their upcoming trip to China, sponsored by Relativity Sports, and sat down to learn the native tongue. Their efforts to learn Mandarin are commendable, but when Yi asks Wall if this is his first time leaving the U.S., Wall’s answer is surprising.

“It’s true,” Wall says in Mandarin, according to the video’s subtitles.

Actually, it’s not. Wall has left the U.S. at least six times to play the Raptors in Toronto, including twice just this past season. Sure, Wall was probably only reading the lines he was given, but he could have had them rewrite the script so he didn’t come off sounding like he doesn’t know where Toronto is.

Check out Wall’s gaffe in the video below.