Justin Bieber Fans Creating Disturbance at NHLPA Meetings in Chicago


Justin Bieber fans being annoying? You don’t say.

The NHL Players’ Association is holding its annual meetings this week in Chicago. Coincidentally, Bieber is scheduled to play at the United Center on Tuesday night, and apparently there’s something of a conflict.

As Minnesota Wild forward Zenon Konopka reports via Twitter, fans of the Biebs are apparently screaming outside the hotel where the NHLPA’s meetings are being held, and it’s rather annoying. We’re not sure what or who they’re screaming at (Is Bieber staying in the same hotel?), but either way, you have our condolences, Zenon.

The funniest part? Konopka’s admitted fandom of his fellow countryman’s music. However, it would be remiss not to point out that Konopka is far from the biggest NHL star to enjoy him some Bieber. Maybe Canadians just like bad music — we’re looking at you, Nickelback.

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