Logan Morrison Reacts to Ryan Braun News by Saying 37-Inning Scoreless Streak Proves Marlins’ Innocence


Ryan Braun’s suspension for the rest of the 2013 season was announced Monday evening, and while most major leaguers are going to have reactions about the decision, Logan Morrison of the Miami Marlins may have had the best.

The Marlins, who rank last in the majors in hits, runs, home runs, RBIs and batting average, also haven’t scored in 37 innings — the longest streak since 1985, when the Houston Astros’ scoreless streak stretched on for 42 innings.

With many more suspensions likely to be handed down in the upcoming weeks, Morrison, a first basemen and left fielder for the Marlins, provided a pretty sound alibi for his team.

Check out his reasoning for innocence below, thanks to Miami Herald Marlins beat writer Clark Spencer.

[tweet https://twitter.com/clarkspencer/status/359440828365680642 align=’center’%5D


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