Mets Appear to Tweak Yankees Via Twitter, Implore Fans to ‘Stretch Those Quads’ (Photo)


The Mets and Yankees don’t exactly have a heated rivalry, but nonetheless, one team dominates the town and the other is kind of a second-class citizen. So, perhaps it’s not surprising to see the Queens team take a potshot at its Bronx brother given the opportunity.

It’s no secret that the Yankees have been beset by injuries this season, and lately it’s been the quadriceps that’s hurting the team. First it was Derek Jeter, who promptly went back to the DL after suffering a Grade 1 quad strain in his first game of 2013. Alex Rodriguez, however, couldn’t even get that far, suffering his own Grade 1 quad strain on rehab in Triple-A.

So, when the Mets sent out a tweet of their players going through pregame stretching, accompanying that image with the caption “Don’t forget to stretch those quads before coming to Citi Field!” it’s difficult not to read into it. For the record, the tweet was later deleted, but nothing’s really ever gone on the Internet.

Check out a photo of the Mets’ Twitter status below.


Photo via Twitter/@facefranchise

Thumbnail photo via Wikimedia Commons/Citi Field

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