Would you believe that Mike Tyson was once beaten down by every opponent he faced in the ring?

Well, it’s true — if we’re talking about video games, anyway. All the way back in 1984, Nintendo released the first iteration of the Punch-Out!! series, which went on to become one of the classic video game titles. In 1987, Tyson lent his name to the series for “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” which was, of course, long before his 1992 rape conviction.

However, now Tyson admits that he couldn’t even get past the game’s first opponent, the infamous Glass Joe, back when the game was released, according to TMZ. Tyson says that he didn’t begin playing video games until the mid 2000s, which would actually be right in time to enjoy the re-release of the game for its 20th anniversary in 2007.

For the record, Tyson says that nowadays he enjoys “Call of Duty,” particularly the zombie mode. Check out everything Tyson had to say about his video game prowess (or lack thereof) in the video below.

Thumbnail photo via Wikimedia Commons/Punch-Out!!