Paul Pierce‘s memories in Boston run deep. Fifteen years in one place will do that.

As Pierce prepares to move on from his time as a Celtic and into his new surroundings as a Brooklyn Net, he took some time Tuesday to look back on his years in green. The 35-year-old forward opened an Instagram account (@paulpierce) to post photos of his favorite memories with the Celtics and to thank Boston fans for their support over the years.

Pierce had quite a few accomplishments to recall. Not surprisingly, he spent much of the afternoon posting the photos, which were retweeted numerous times. There were images from his 10 All-Star game appearances, his numerous statistical milestones and of course the 2008 NBA Finals, when he hoisted the championship trophy and accepted the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award.

Celtics fans will never forget what Pierce gave them. From the looks of it, he will not forget, either.

Check out Pierce’s favorite memories in Boston in the photos below.