Report: Aaron Hernandez Was ‘Loner’ Off Field, No Patriots Hung Out With Him


Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernanez, Tom BradyAaron Hernandez is no longer a member of the New England Patriots, but his former teammates may have never viewed him as such anyway.

Sure, Hernandez was a part of the team, practicing and playing with the Patriots on the field each week, but, according to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, he never really hung out with his teammates.

One source told Howe that Hernandez rarely spent time with other players off the field and that his teammates couldn’t figure out why.

“No one hung out with him,” the source said. “No one.”

Hernandez apparently preferred to hang out with friends from back home in Bristol, Conn., rather than spend time with his teammates.

“Out of 53 guys, surely there’s someone you could find to hang out with,” another source told the Herald. “Instead, he chose to revert to his network from his home town.”

As much of a “loner” as he’s been described as, Hernandez did have some friends on the team. He and Deion Branch were often seen chumming it up in the locker room. Branch referred to Hernandez as a “friend” recently when asked about his former teammates legal troubles, even calling him “my guy” and indicating how close the two were.

There is also a photo of Hernandez hanging out with Florida and Patriots teammate Brandon Spikes at what appears to be a dinner party.

So, he wasn’t a “loner” all of the time — maybe just most of the time.

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