Lindsey Vonn Elin NordegrenIt looks like Tiger Woods may get a happy ending after all, depending on which tabloid has the facts right.

While marriage might not be in the books for Woods after girlfriend Lindsey Vonn didn’t seem too keen on the idea, the family turmoil that came after Woods was divorced from Elin Nordegren and started dating Vonn may have dissipated for good. The New York Post reports that Nordegren is very on board with Vonn dating her ex-husband.

Nordegren “really likes Lindsey and thinks she is a very good influence on Tiger,” Page Six reports. Nordegren thinks Woods “seems happy with Lindsey, and she gets on well with their children.”

That comes in contrast to an US Weekly report about a month ago that said Nordegren did not like Vonn at all.

Woods and Vonn have been dating for several months after the two met at a charity event in 2012. While there was controversy at first about how Vonn would fit in with Woods, Nordegren and their two children, it sounds like everyone is one big happy family now.

Nordegren photo via Facebook/Sunglasses Direct; Vonn photo via Facebook/ChaletMerlo

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