Report: Kobe Bryant’s Mother Makes $450,000 on Auction of Son’s Memorabilia


An ugly family drama between Kobe Bryant and his parents, specifically his mother, Pamela, has finally been put to rest.

Back in early May, Bryant filed a cease-and-desist order against Goldin Auctions L.L.C. after Pamela put a trove of his memorabilia — estimated to be worth about $1.5 million — up for auction. Pamela claimed she had legal ownership of the items, and had actually been paying to store them.

At one point, Bryant appeared to address the controversy in a tweet, indicating that he was genuinely hurt by his mom’s actions and hadn’t been given a chance to claim the items. However, about a month later, Bryant reached a settlement with the auction house, allowing some of the items to go up on the block, mostly bringing an end to the saga.

The auction ended on Friday night, and Pamela ended up making $450,000 in all, according to TMZ. Among the items auctioned off was a 2000 championship ring which sold for more than $165,000. Other items included a high school uniform sold for almost $50,000 and a game-worn Lakers jersey sold for almost $8,000.

Pamela originally said she wanted to sell her son’s gear to buy a house, so it appears she may well have met her goal, despite auctioning just 10 percent of what she had.

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