Rex Ryan Takes Photo With Jets Fan Wearing T-Shirt That Says, ‘This Team Makes Me Drink’ (Photo)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this one must be worth millions.

A New York Jets fan got the shock of his life Saturday night on the second day of Jets training camp in Cortland, NY, when, by chance, he bumped into Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his coaching staff. Joseph Grinwis wanted to ask Ryan for a photo, and out of all the Jets apparel he owned, that night, he had chosen to wear a green Jets shirt that simply said, “This team makes me drink.”

Ryan acquiesced to Grinwis’ request with good humor, and the result is one amazing photo of the two.

When asked in a tweet what Ryan said about that shirt, Grinwis replied, “Nothing. Just laughed. He probably was thinking something else on the inside, but he was really cool about it. Nice guy.”

Check out the gem of a photo below.

Jets Fan

Photo via Twitter/@L7Panda

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