Steve Nash Hosts Friend’s Bachelor Party at MLS Game, Friend Drops Expletive During TV Interview (Video)


Steve Nash is a millionaire who owns a piece of the Vancouver Whitecaps, so it was perfectly logical for the Los Angeles Lakers guard to host his buddy’s bachelor party at a Whitecaps match over the weekend. The bro code stipulates that the guy who owns the professional sports team has to host parties for any major life events, after all.

During the match — who knew there was an MLS team in Vancouver? — a TV reporter tried to get an interview with Nash. Not a bad idea. She did not secure the area from Nash’s inebriated friends, however. That was a bad idea.

As Nash spoke on camera, his friend unsurprisingly bombed the interview. (These sorts of things seem like a very good idea to a drunk person.) His friend also let the interviewer know what he thought of the officiating, using some colorful language.

Check out the doomed interview in the video below.

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