Taylor Hall Shows Off Insane Stickhandling Skills Using Hockey Stick, Golf Ball (Video)


Taylor Hall was a No. 1 draft pick just a few years ago, so it should probably go without saying that he has some pretty impressive skill. The extent of that skill, however, is hard to actually fathom.

So that’s why when he does things like stickhandle with a golf ball, we’re still blown away by just how crazy-talented he, and really every professional athlete, actually is.

Hall used his Instagram account to show off some of his silky smooth stickhandling skills, but it’s not really how you might expect. Wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sandals and standing on a street hockey court, the Edmonton Oilers forward got some “work on the mitts” in Wednesday. He showed off his incredible skill by stickhandling with a golf ball, of all things.

Check out the mesmerizing video below.

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