Tedy Bruschi Was ‘Emotionally’ Hurt By Aaron Hernandez Situation, But Says Patriot Way Still There


FOXBORO, Mass. — Monday afternoon was mostly a celebratory affair for Tedy Bruschi, as he was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

But the former linebacker still took some time to address the Aaron Hernandez situation and other players who have been in the news for disciplinary issues.

“It hurt me emotionally that someone from the New England Patriots can be involved in something like that,” Bruschi said after the ceremony. “Alfonzo Dennard — the same thing every time something happens, you see this is the only team I ever played for.”

Bruschi still believes that there are plenty of players remaining in New England with high character levels, though.

“But I look at the locker room, and are they OK? Jerod Mayo, Matthew Slater, Tom Brady, Logan Mankins, Vince Wilfork — these guys have a character that these fans can be proud of,” Bruschi said. “And there are others. They haven’t learned about them yet. There are others on that team that will come through and make plays and these fans will learn more about them and realize Devin McCourty … the Patriot Way is there. They’re there. I trust these guys to carry the torch.”

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