Atlanta Braves right-hander Tim Hudson suffered one of the most gruesome injuries of this baseball season Wednesday night.

Hudson hustled to cover first base after Mets outfielder Eric Young Jr. knocked a hit into the infield. Young was sprinting to first base to beat the throw, and in the process, stepped on Hudson’s foot as the pitcher was covering the bag. The end result was Hudson’s ankle bending in a way that no ankle should ever bend.

After the play, Young ran over to apologize with tears in his eyes.

The Braves have not released an official statement as to the exact nature of the injury, but it seems safe to say that it is probably significant.

See the play in the video below. As a warning, it is pretty gruesome.

Update: The Braves are reporting that Hudson suffered a fractured right ankle and will undergo surgery.

[mlbvideo id=”29104225″ width=”640″ height=”360″ /]