Tony Romo Enters Camp at Heaviest He’s Ever Been, Cowboys Don’t Seem Concerned


Tony RomoTony Romo isn’t fat, but he has put on a few extra pounds.

The star quarterback showed up at Cowboys camp on Sunday, weighing just a little bit heavier than in past seasons in this year’s media guide. The team listed Romo at 236 pounds on this year’s camp weigh-in, six pounds heavier than last season.

Romo entered the 2012 season at 230 pounds, which at the time was also the heaviest he had ever been listed. When Romo entered the league in 2003, he was listed at 227 pounds. Romo says that the 236 number isn’t accurate and rather that he weighs between 227 and 230 pounds, “depending on the day you catch me.”

Head coach Jason Garrett doesn’t think Romo’s far off his normal weight, claiming Romo is only one pound overweight, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I don’t want to get into the details of what his playing weight is supposed to be, but he’s right around it,” Garrett said. “He’ll tell you right now, he just has to continue do the conditioning stuff necessary. Coming off an injury, that’s always a big concern. You’re trying to get the injury healed, but you got to make sure the condition is right. He’s worked very hard at. He’ll continue to do that throughout camp.”

Any added poundage Romo’s carrying is likely a result of surgery he underwent earlier this offseason to remove a cyst from his back. He was told to stay off his feet and avoid any real exercise during his recovery, which would explain the extra beef.

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