U.S. Olympic Twitter Account Appears to Get Hacked, Tweets Love for Nickelback (Photo)


Let’s be honest, there’s just a large cross section of the human population (read: people with taste) who do not like Nickelback.

During the NHL lockout, then-Kings forward Dustin Penner tweeted in the wake of Jason Collins‘ announcement that he was gay. Penner joked that he was fine with having a gay teammate, but he’d prefer not to play with a Nickelback fan. Back in 2011, then-Braves reliever Peter Moylan tweeted at Nickelback lead singer (who also happens to be Avril Lavigne‘s husband) Chad Kroeger, suggesting the group should take its live cues from The Foo Fighters. Kroeger fired right back.

So, it seems that athletes aren’t too fond of Nickelback — except for the U.S. Olympic team, according to its Twitter account.

On Monday, the @usolympic account appeared to get hacked, tweeting out “I love nickleback” (yes, with the band’s name misspelled) twice over the course of about 30 minutes. The tweets were later deleted, but SB Nation’s managing editor managed to grab a screenshot.

Check out the bizarre tweets in the image below.

[tweet https://twitter.com/BrianMFloyd/status/359380746596667392 align=’center’]

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Nickelback

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