Alex Rodriguez, LeBron James, P.K. Subban Clear Contenders Atop List of Boston Fans’ Top 10 Most Despised Athletes (Videos)


Alex Rodriguez Top 10Alex Rodriguez has been getting a lot of ink lately, but does he still reign supreme as the professional athlete Boston fans would most like to see take a hike?

Once upon a time, Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant probably would have topped any list of the most disliked athletes by Bostonians, but times have changed. A new generation has risen, making Jeter and Bryant look like honorable old war horses by contrast. Ask a Celtics fan whether he would rather shake hands with Bryant or LeBron James and, after concluding that eating a cyanide capsule isn’t an option, he would probably begrudgingly agree to slap skins with No. 24.

The top 10 most despised athletes changes from month to month. Ask Bostonians who they like least in June, for instance, and James or Sidney Crosby might take the crown. For now, though, it’s tough to argue with the following 10 players whose names are guaranteed to live in infamy in New England.

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