Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez is not going down without a fight.

With the third baseman’s imminent punishment expected to be announced Monday, A-Rod is exhausting all of his sources to work out an agreement before the suspension is handed down.

The 38-year-old has reached out to Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees seeking meetings to reduce his suspension, according to the New York Times.

MLB has reportedly decided it is not interested in meeting with Rodriguez or negotiating his settlement, following comments he made after Friday night’s rehab game in Trenton. Rodriguez had hoped to decrease the severity of his looming punishment, but instead will be facing a 214-game ban. A-Rod had hoped to meet with the Yankees separately to discuss the remaining $100 million left on his contract that the team owes him, but the Yanks declined, saying it is a drug investigation MLB is in charge of, according to the New York Daily News.

Rodriguez has maintained that he will fight any suspension that is handed to him, but if MLB suspends him under the Collective Bargaining Agreement as opposed to the drug policy, A-Rod would not be able to appeal, and the punishment would be effective immediately.

A-Rod is scheduled to play again Saturday night in Trenton and is expected to rejoin the Yankees on Monday in Chicago,