Alex RodriguezMLB owners have heard Alex Rodriguez‘s booming threat that he’ll sue the league in federal court.

They’re taking it with all the seriousness of a 400-pound man who has a child pulling on his coattails.

The New York Daily News says that Rodriguez’s most recent move, a report that he plans to sue MLB for being unfairly “persecuted” in the Biogenesis scandal, is being received with “skepticism” and bemusement” by MLB owners at the league’s quarterly meetings.

While Rodriguez is appealing his 211-game suspension — which is within his rights as an MLB player — the fact that he’s talking court, too, isn’t fazing MLB owners much.

“He’s suing us now?” one owner asked with a smile, according to the Daily News. “That’s interesting. Good luck to him.”

Another team executive pointed back to precedent.

“I guess he’s chosen to ignore 100 years of history [in which federal judges have routinely dismissed lawsuits against baseball],” he said.

Rodriguez may have an uphill climb in finding allies in this one.