Brad StevensA successful college coach needs to be able to endear himself to the university’s alumni. Brad Stevens is bringing that idea to the NBA.

Since taking over as the Celtics’ head coach in July, Stevens, who reached consecutive national championship games with Butler before making the jump to the pros, has written letters to several former Celtics players, expressing his admiration for the franchise’s rich history and extending an open invitation to all practices, games and team events.

The Boston Globe obtained a letter Stevens sent to former Celtics guard Kenny Anderson. The text of the letter, reportedly dated July 22, can be seen below.

“I am truly humbled and honored to assume the responsibilities of head coach of the Boston Celtics. The Celtics’ mystique, history, culture and tradition speaks for itself. There is nothing else like it in all of professional sports.

“At the press conference announcing my hiring, I was in awe looking up at the 17 championship banners. I am first and foremost a fan and admirer of the Boston Celtics and what has been accomplished by each of you.

“On behalf of the Boston Celtics management, staff and players, I write you to come around any time. Please know that you are cordially welcome to attend our practice sessions, home games at the TD Garden, games when we are on the road and Celtics events in our community.

“I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Continued success and well wishes.”

Stevens will get his first taste of NBA action when Boston opens its preseason schedule Oct. 7 against the Raptors.