Cal Ripken Jr.About a year ago, Vi Ripken, the mother of Cal Ripken Jr., was abducted from her Maryland home at gunpoint and inexplicably returned safely by her captors 24 hours later. The perpetrators are still at large, and the The Iron Man is hoping to change that.

Ripken announced a $100,000 reward Thursday for information leading to the capture of the abductors, according to The Associated Press. Ripken said that he hopes to re-energize the case and find those responsible.

“I think in some ways maybe this should’ve happened earlier,” Ripken said at a press conference at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. “I think in the beginning … we were all hopeful that [an arrest] would happen pretty quickly and we were all encouraged. But, you know, it is what it is.”

Oddly enough, John Walsh, the former host of the television program America’s Most Wanted, joined Ripken during the press conference. Walsh pledged the help of his current organization, which also tries to help solve unsolved crimes.

“The average citizen, they’re not looking for the rewards,” Walsh said. “But in the criminal community, amongst the lowlifes who populate this country, 100 grand is a lot of money.”

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Cal Ripken Jr.

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