It’s hard to picture David Beckham as anything other than the suave and sophisticated gentleman and former soccer star that he is. It’s even more difficult to imagine him struggling through an interview or feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Alas, we mere mortals are reminded that even Beckham is human.

At the spry age of 17, Beckham was not only being trained for his professional soccer career but, also, how to talk about it.  Instead of the well-spoken player soccer fans are used to seeing from the now 38-year-old, the teen is uncomfortable during media training sessions for Manchester United’s youth team. He giggles, squirms and manages to make English sound like another language — although, that just might be the accent.

Though the 90s were a time of unforgiving hairstyles — like Beckham’s gelled up hairdo with two carefully placed bangs on each side — soccer fans seem to have put this version of the soccer star behind them. But it’s still nice to know that even David Beckham suffered through awkward teenage years.

Check out Beckham’s uncomfortable interview in the video below, with a tip of the hat to The Daily Mail.