Eagles, Phillies Shared ‘Chest of Pornography’ at Veterans Stadium, Former Eagle Says


Veterans StadiumBack in the early 2000s, a number of Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders joined a lawsuit alleging that they were peeped on in their dressing room by visiting teams. The cheerleaders said that their lack of privacy was common knowledge around the NFL.

Suffice it to say, Veterans Stadium has a storied history.

Former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas went on 94 WIP on Thursday morning, and in the course of his radio interview brought up one very interesting story about The Vet, home of the Eagles and Phillies until 2002 and 2003, respectively. Thomas says that the teams shared a chest full of pornography in a common area between their two locker rooms.

“Everybody knows about the blue chest,” Thomas said, according to CBS Philly. “It was an array, a pretty good array of magazines. You actually had a variety, too. It was almost like a newsstand, put it that way. Actually, yeah, it was the precursor to the Internet. You just picked up one, and there was a little sign that said when you’re done with the book, put it back.”

So, basically the Eagles and Phillies had a library of porn. Here’s the undeniable kicker, though:

“I did get a couple of books where the pages were stuck together,” Thomas said

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Veterans Stadium

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