Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch Says ‘Hard Knocks’ Is ‘Misleading,’ Not in ‘Players’ Best Interest’ (Video)


Years ago, New York football Giants co-owner John Mara said that his team would appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks “when I’m next to my father in Gates of Heaven cemetery.” Though the Giants’ other owner is a bit more thoughtful, the aversion to the docudrama is apparently shared throughout the organization.

TMZ’s cameras recently caught up with Steve Tisch, who handled the harassment about as well as anyone ever has. To give some rare credit to TMZ’s staff, the cameraman asked Tisch about Mara’s comments back in 2010, and Tisch actually took the time to give a pretty thoughtful, in-depth reply.

“I don’t think it brings anything to the team,” Tisch said. “It’s a bit of a distraction, and I think it’s sort of misleading for the players … especially the young guys.

“Even though it comes off as a documentary, you’re asking young athletes to perform. Perform on the field … don’t perform in the locker room for a TV show. I don’t think it’s in the players’ best interest.”

Tisch does admit that the show is pretty entertaining, but he’s also implicitly saying that, despite the documentary format, there’s inherent showmanship when the cameras turn on. Definitely doesn’t sound like the kind of thing Tom Coughlin would be eager to sign on for.

Check out Tisch’s rather eloquent response in the video below.

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