Kyrie Irving Plays Cricket at South Africa School, May or May Not Be Any Good (Video)


If we know anything about cricket — and we don’t — then Kyrie Irving may or may not be any good at it.

Irving was in South Africa visiting the Bafikile Primary School in Gauteng Province as part of a tour with UNICEF, and the young NBA All-Star took a turn as a “batsman” in the “crease” against a “bowler” for an “innings.” (These are all cricket-related terms, according to Wikipedia, proving cricket may be the perfect combination of baseball, hockey and bowling all wrapped into one.)

As seen in the video below, Irving hits the ball with his “wicket” and apparently does a pretty good job, because he starts running back and forth between a pair of posts looking fairly confident. Maybe if this basketball thing doesn’t work out, Irving has a future as a cricketer.

Or maybe he’s absolutely terrible. We have no idea, honestly.

Check out Irving facing a wicked googly in the video below.

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