No matter what you think of missionaries when they knock on your door, you have to admit, most of us wouldn’t want to have to do what they do. Working up the guts to approach a complete stranger and getting doors slammed in your face can’t be a lot of fun.

Every once in a while, though, missionaries like these guys get to spread their gospel in a more athletic fashion.

A couple of missionaries — Mormon ones, according to Buzzfeed — hustled their way into a pickup basketball game by tossing up bricks and airballs while shooting around on a neighborhood hoop. As soon as the 2-on-2 game started, though, they showed off their skills, whipping fancy passes and dunking several times on the disbelieving and delighted spectators.

Apparently, Jabari Parker and Jimmer Fredette aren’t the only Mormons who can ball. Check it out in the video below.