NBA Uniforms Evolve From Belted Satin to Baggy, With Sleeved Jerseys to Come (Photos)


August 23, 2013

celtics uniformsSince its inception in 1946, the NBA has seen a lot of trends come and go. Unlike the fashion industry, however, these basketball style trends seem to never boomerang.

The Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers are trying to make a new mark on NBA fashion. The Warriors debuted short-sleeved alternate jerseys at Oracle Arena last season, and the Suns and Lakers will follow suit later this year. Maybe Kobe Bryant?s appearance in a short-sleeved jersey will leave fans buying into the ?modern? look from adidas.

Fans, as well as NBA players themselves, have bought into fashion trends when a notable icon starts wearing it. The best example is Michael Jordan?s introduction of the longer, looser shorts that replaced the short shorts wore Larry Bird and Magic Johnson — and Jordan himself early in his career.

One team, however, has steered clear of most of the uniform eccentricity. The Boston Celtics have always worn the traditional solid green and white jerseys, though some black and gold accents have been added in recent years.

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