NFL Scouts Wearing Blue Inside Ohio State Facility Reportedly Forced to Change by Urban Meyer


August 23, 2013

urban meyerDo not underestimate the intensity of college football in the Midwest.

The most storied gridiron rivalry in the region — a mutual hatred, really — is between Ohio State and Michigan, and it extends far beyond the football field. Even those looking to employ Buckeyes players are not exempt, as FOX Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson reports.

Nobody is allowed to wear blue — Michigan’s primary color — inside Ohio State’s football facility, according to Jackson. This is a policy that head coach Urban Meyer strictly enforces, so much so that NFL scouts have reportedly been yelled at and forced to change if they stroll into the facility wearing the color of the enemy.

“At least two” scouts were involved in such an incident earlier this month, according to Jackson, and they were eventually given Ohio State shirts to wear after being accosted by players and staff members.

“It’s just not something that needed to happen,” one unnamed scout said. “It could have been handled much better, and if that [blue-shirt] rule is going to be enforced, they could let us know.”

Especially considering that 13 of the NFL’s 32 teams wear blue in some capacity, Meyer might want to be a little more forthcoming about rules like this.

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