Penguins CEO Defends Sidney Crosby After Superstar Cuts Line at Local DMV


A good amount of the general public would say the DMV is hell on earth. Visiting the local DMV is usually insufferable, with a lot of painstaking waiting around, all just to get a picture taken and have something updated. It’s the worst.

If you’re one of the best hockey players on the planet and you got to renew your license at the DMV in the city in which you are king, that could produce even more of a kerfuffle. So that’s why, when Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby recently had to renew his license, he was allowed to skip to the front of the line at the DMV to take care of his business and get out as quickly as possible. It wasn’t necessarily preferential treatment as much as it was an attempt to keep things from getting too hectic. If you have Crosby standing in line for 45 minutes, things are going to get pretty weird, and it’s going to happen very quickly.

“People of high visibility have been given priority for some time,” DMV spokeswoman Jan McKnight told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It just makes sense. [Crosby] did not do anything that we don’t already allow.”

That upset some people who actually had to go through the process of sitting and waiting as mere mortals, though. They said Crosby should have had to wait with everyone else. As is often the case, the Penguins came to their star’s defense..

“Anyone that knows Sid or follows hockey — in Pittsburgh or anywhere — knows that’s not the person he is,” Pens CEO David Morehouse told the Tribune. “To think he would flaunt his status and cut in line — that’s not him, and anybody who has been around him or hockey knows that’s not him. Anybody who has seen Sid in a public place knows his presence causes all kinds of commotion, and that he likes least to cause a big scene.”

Crosby hasn’t weighed in yet, and he declined comment when reached by the Tribune.

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