Potential New York City Mayor Is Diehard Red Sox Fan, Is Close Second in Democratic Primary

by NESN Staff

August 21, 2013

Bill de BlasioRed Sox Nation is on the verge of permeating the city of New York, to a certain degree.

New York City public advocate Bill de Blasio is a leading democratic contender for the mayoral seat in New York City, and he has a confession: he is a tried and true, unwavering Red Sox fan, according to The New York Times (with a hat tip to Cut4). The Cambridge, Mass., native has reportedly been a Sox fan since he was six years old and has no shame in admitting he’s not a fan of that team from the Bronx.

?I have my loyalty to the team of my youth,? de Blasio said in an interview.

In what is certainly an act of diplomacy, de Blasio noted that as mayor of New York City he would be ?very happy to celebrate any New York sports team.?

It wasn’t just the close proximity to Fenway Park that made de Blasio a Sox fan, either.

?Everyone I knew was a Red Sox fan. Living up there in 1967 — the Impossible Dream season — that moment was incredibly compelling. I just naturally gravitated to the team. 1975 was arguably the greatest World Series of all time.

?The team that I grew up with was constantly the underdog but managed to prevail,? de Blasio said. ?I don?t know any better lesson in life.?

De Blasio isn’t a fringe candidate, either, as the latest polls from Real Clear Politics show him as a close second in the Democratic primary.

Given the fact that politicians tend to act like, well, politicians when things start to get hairy, we applaud de Blasio for his unabashed devotion to his home team.

Photo via Facebook/Bill de Blasio

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