Report: Gun Used in Boston Double Murder Linked to Aaron Hernandez Found in Springfield


aaron hernandezMassachusetts State Police have found the gun they believe was used in the unsolved double murder that Aaron Hernandez has been linked to.

According to CBS 3 Springfield, the gun was discovered in the trunk of a car in Springfield, Mass., on June 21 after a car accident. Jaliene Diaz-Ramos, a resident of Bristol, Conn., was involved in the multi-car accident, and while inspecting her vehicle, police found a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver inside of a briefcase in her trunk.

Diaz-Ramos was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. According to court documents, Diaz-Ramos told police the gun belonged to a friend of hers whom she called “Chicago.” She also told police that Chicago was a football player and she drove him and his friends to work.

State police told CBS 3 that the gun was sent for ballistics testing, and when the results came in two weeks later, state police confirmed it was the weapon used in the killing of two men outside of a Boston bar in July 2012.

Hernandez is currently being held without bail for the murder for Odin Lloyd, and police said they will continue to investigate his connection to the double murder.

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