Johnny ManzielThe allegations against Johnny Manziel seem to be piling up by the day.

Two days after initial reports surfaced that the Heisman Trophy winner is being investigated by the NCAA for receiving compensation for signing autographs and memorabilia, details are beginning to emerge. On Tuesday, an “East Coast autograph broker” said he paid Manziel $7,500 for “signing approximately 300 mini- and full-sized helmets on Jan. 11-12 while [Manziel] was attending the Walter Camp Football Foundation event,” according to ESPN.

The broker said he met Manziel in a room at The Omni in New Haven, Conn., where the Texas A&M quarterback took part in three separate signing sessions over the two days, lasting about an hour in total, according to the report.

The broker also took two different videos, which lasted nine minutes in total, of Manziel signing helmets and footballs that were laid out on a bed in the hotel room, according to the report. In one of the videos, ESPN reported hearing Manziel say “you never did a signing with me” to the broker, and that if the broker were to say anything about the signing sessions, he would stop dealing with him.

The broker tried to release the videos, which were reportedly recorded without Manziel’s knowledge, to ESPN for money, but the company declined. However, the broker did allow ESPN’s Joe Schad to view the videos, according to the report.

Neither of the videos show Manziel accepting money, although the broker alleges that the quarterback did so three different times, according to the report. The broker said Manziel wanted money to use for new rims on his vehicle.

The broker reportedly said he does not intend to work with the NCAA on its investigation. If the investigation finds that Manziel accepted money for his autographs, he could be ruled ineligible.