Report: Terrell Owens Suing Former Agent Drew Rosenhaus for $6.5 Million Over Financial Advice

by NESN Staff

August 23, 2013

Brodney Pool, Terrell OwensTerrell Owens‘ days in the NFL are long gone, so perhaps that’s why he’s a little bit more aware of his money these days. Who knows — it may be the same reason he’s eyeing a career in professional bowling.

Owens is suing his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus, over a number of charges, according to Yahoo! Sports. Owens is suing for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and negligence. He is seeking $6.5 million dollars.

Owens claims that Rosenhaus — and Rosenhaus’ brother, who is also named in the suit — suggested he hire financial adviser Jeff Rubin, who is now banned from practicing after being caught up in an illegal casino project. Owens says that hiring Rubin cost him $5 million in lost money, on top of the $1.5 million he says he would have made had his money been invested properly.

“Terrell trusted [Drew] Rosenhaus when he recommended that Terrell hire Rubin as his financial adviser,” Owens’ attorneys, Curtis Carlson and Chase Carlson of Miami-based Carlson & Lewittes, P.A., said. “It is completely ridiculous that Rosenhaus would refer a five-time Pro Bowler to a financial adviser who has been accused of stealing from his clients in the past, whose college degree was in Exercise Science, and who was inexperienced. Rosenhaus should have steered Terrell away from Rubin, not toward him.”

Rubin managed to leverage his relationship with Rosenhaus to secure a number of athlete clients, according to Yahoo! The casino project cost 32 different NFL players as much as $40 million in total. Part of Owens’ complaint is about the relationship between Rubin and Rosenhaus, which the NFL had previously investigated.

So, it seems that Rosenhaus may not just wrestle sharks — he might just be one of them, too.

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