Riley Cooper’s Grandmother Offers No Sympathy, Says He ‘Brought It Upon Himself’

Riley CooperTMZ probably didn’t have to go track down Riley Cooper‘s grandmother to find out how she feels about this whole mess, but it did, and grandma is not here to offer her little angel any sympathy.

Cooper spoke with his grandmother Betty and was just as accountable as he was in his public comments this week. If he was looking for a shoulder to cry on, though, he didn’t find one in her.

“[Riley] brought it upon himself,” Betty told TMZ. “And he has to deal with the consequences.”

In apologizing for his racist outburst, Cooper insisted this week that he “wasn’t raised that way.” If anything, grandma’s tough love reinforces Cooper’s claim about the quality of his family. He made his bed, and now, everyone expects him to lay in it — even grandma.